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solid fertilizer


The bioon solid fertilizer is a organic natural disease-free garden fertilizer. Containing all basic and micronutrients in their
natural form. Bioon is produced from the digestate of an agricultural biogas plant, heat-
treated for 1 hour at 70 degrees °C. It does not contain weed seeds or plant pathogens. The
bioon is grounded in a hammer mill, which makes it more suitable for plants.


Solid bioon can be used on all soils and growing media to fertilize all plants and improve soil properties, both outdoors and in the greenhouse. Based on the fertilization standards used in agriculture, 5 - 8 m2 is enough from one bag for fertilization. Bioon fertilized vegetables, vegetables and fruits can be consumed without heating.


Part size <20 mm
Total nitrogen (N) 3 -4 g / l
Total phosphorus (P) 1 - 1.5 g / l
Total potassium (K) 1 - 1.5 g / l
Calcium (Ca) 2-3 g / l
Magnesium (Mg) 1 - 1.3 g / l
Organic matter in dry matter 28%
Acidity 7 pH

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